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Monday, June 20, 2005

Remember: a man needs a woman like a fish needs s bicycle. Yeah, the sex is great. But it’s not worth the price of admission.
Rich Zubaty.
Read interview with Rich.
Can't say I agree totally with everything he says. For instance I'm not religious. I advocate abortion and I don't give a flying fuck about US politics.
But he makes some other great points about marriage, womyn's personalities, and corporations.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The gentler sex my ass.
Narcissistic, sicko bitches.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I hope it was worth it where your going.
Hope you enjoy the broom stick bop.
LaWanda is quite adept. So I've been told.

Kids You Wait In The Trunk
Another candidate for
Mother Of The Year
"Did I do anything wrong?"
What a freakin asshat.

Monday, June 06, 2005

The heat is turned up on the
Witches Of UNH
You remember. The fems who tied
scissors around their neck to say
the only good man is an emasculated one.

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Another pedophilly.
This one wanted her 11 year old charge
to insert a sex toy into her. She was heard
to say. "Mom. I don't remember." Likely story.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Criticism of men comes easily when viewed by what you want rather than by what you must provide. For example, would women clamor for gold and diamonds if they had to dig and operate mines themselves? If men were to go on strike, infrastructure would suffer within a week, and imagine teen-age girls despairing as malls no longer received shipments of clothing, shoes and baubles. When Madonna sang the virtues of being a Material Girl, she forgot which gender accommodates that lifestyle most.
Mike Spaniola

Feminist Tatics
1. Portray feminism as being altruistic, and something that plays an important part in the democratic process. Then accentuate any injustice or hardships being endured by females, while ignoring any injustice or hardships being endured by males.

2. Highlight any advantages or successes of feminism, while hiding the many disadvantages and failures. State that feminism has given women more choice, while hiding the fact that so many women are now welfare dependant, and have very little choice.

3. Attempt to portray females positively, by portraying males negatively. This enables females to appear superior to males, without having to provide direct proof.

4. Accentuate or publicise any wrongdoing by a male, or attempt to portray this male as being representative of all males. Ignore any wrongdoings by a female, or state that it was caused by a male.

5. Portray women as being perpetually disadvantaged and victimised, as this helps prevent any unwanted criticism of women, and makes it easier for women to get more money. Ignore the fact that many women have now become highly dependant upon these sources of money.

6. Use highly biased studies and statistics to positively portray women. This normally involves “interviewing the cat and not the dog” type studies that result in biased conclusions, or it involves suppressing or ignoring any study that gives negative conclusions regards women.

7. Make continuous and repetitive use of the term “women and children”, but never the term “men and children”. This helps to create a belief that men cannot be proper parents, and men cannot be with children.

8. Blame males for as many problems as possible, as this transfers responsibility for those problems onto males, and hides the fact that females may be partly or fully responsible for those problems occurring. Transferring responsibility also relieves females from having to find workable solutions to those problems.

9. Exaggerate! Begin by saying that certain situations occur sometimes, and then increase this to often, then most of the time, then all the time (EG. “All Men are Liars”, “All Men are Rapists”, “All Men are Wife and Child Bashers” etc). Include boys as well (EG. “Boys are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Boys”, “Boys are Smelly” etc).

10. Proclaim the necessity for equal opportunity at work, while being highly selective on where women should work. This helps ensure that women undertake the more desirable types of work.

11. State that women are highly maternalistic and greatly concerned about children. Then ignore the fact that many women have become very materialistic and highly preoccupied with self. Ignore the fact that children are being increasingly raised by the state, in state funded child minding centres, schools etc.

12. Portray women as being the “family makers” and greatly concerned about family life. Ignore the fact that many families are now being broken up by women in an endeavour to find greater self-fulfilment outside of family life. Ignore the fact that any self-fulfilment outside of family life, is usually much less than what can be found within family life, and the breaking up of families normally affects the lives of many other people, particularly those of children.

13. Attribute social problems to patriarchy, while ignoring the fact that that most societies have developed from patriarchy. Ignore the fact that very little is known about matriarchal societies, as most have disintegrated so rapidly.

14. Teach feminism to the young, as this helps to perpetuate feminism. The young are more gullible and easier to indoctrinate, and by the time they are old enough to realise the deceptions, another generation would have been indoctrinated in the interim.

15. Dismiss or ignore any criticism of feminism, but if a reply to criticism does become necessary, then make liberal use of one-line put downs (EG. “Grow up”, “Get a life”, “You have to be kidding”, “Get real” etc), or include the term “domestic violence legislation” to try and silence any further criticism. Label any correspondence that is critical of feminism as being “hate mail”, so there is minimal obligation to reply.

16. State that women have a right to speak their minds, then oppose any male who speaks his mind regards feminism or the modern woman. Label this male as being sexist, chauvinistic, or belonging to a radical men’s group.

17. Oppose any stereotyping or vilification of the female gender, then attempt to stereotype and vilify the male gender as much as possible. If a male questions this hypocrisy, then state that any stereotyping or vilification was only a joke, and feminism is actually altruistic, and plays an important part in the democratic process.

Racist, lying, looney gets probation. Read her statement here.
The witch gets probation and a $2500 fine. If this had been a man he would be in jail. Of course if it had been a man there would not have been a huge manhunt (pun intended).

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They start them young in New York City.

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Another pedophillic filly

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Emasculating Little Boys
By Max Ross
China, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Britain, America. Every great civilization the world has ever known was envisioned, created, built, defended and lead by men. It was great men that crafted the Code of Hammurabi, the Bible, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, the Magna Carta, and the US Constitution. And until recently simple, average men lead their homes and soundly provided direction, order and protection for the members of their households. They were a solid, stable presence which their wives and children could look to for strength and reassurance. Whether they were farmers, factory workers, professionals or soldiers they were usually the undisputed masters of their families and these beneficent patriarchs provided what women frequently do not: authoritative leadership.
It is not that women lack intelligence or ambition (plenty of wives are far better ‘thinkers’ then their husbands…) or that males in some vague sense are naturally superior to females. The fact is that the genders function differently. Women are primarily process oriented while men are usually goal oriented. By our basic nature, women are seemingly more patient with children, cooking, nursing, teaching, communicating ideas and feelings, etc. because these are tasks which are ‘process’ intensive. Men by contrast enjoy a project. They revel in analyzing a problem, making a plan and then seeing it through to fruition. Most men love the feeling of a ‘job well done.’ Which raises a question: Is it more important to be ‘busy’ or to be ‘effective?’ This subtle difference, so pronounced in many areas of life confirms what history has already taught us: that men may make better leaders if for no other reason they are naturally impatient and regularly intolerant of failure.
Examples of this male trait abound throughout our culture. Men such as Vince Lombardi, legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers: “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” or George S. Patton, one of the greatest military minds of the 20th century: “Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men.” The ability to think, reason and take decisive action is most certainly not a uniquely male quality, it is simply males are inclined to think in terms of completion and non-completion, this or that, win or lose.
From the dawn of history, ‘boys’ in most cultures were raised to be ‘men.’ Most education was character training: hard work, honor, duty, frugality, morality, and defense. But now the ‘red meat’ of character has been replaced by the ‘mother’s milk’ of feminism. Books about adventure have largely been replaced by essays about ‘feelings’ and situational difficulties; the sort of drivel that drives grown men to tears in its irrelevancy. Their claim was that education needed to be ‘more fair’ to girls but the truth is far darker as their aim was the psychological and societal emasculation of young males.
Today the basic creed of character is not taught to our boys. In this pro-female/ anti-male environment our sons, full of energy and adventure, are forced to ‘sit’ and ‘listen’ while a female teacher tells them in subtle, insidious ways how completely inferior they are to girls. The natural instincts of boys being exploration, competition and ‘hands on’ learning, are now discouraged from the earliest ages. And when these enthusiastic, vibrant males fail to be the acquiescent bump on a log demanded by their man-loathing instructors, they are labeled disciplinary problems, punished and eventually pumped to the gills with Ritalin.
“We are a generation of men raised by women. I’m wondering if another woman is the answer we need.”
Millions of young men are entering adolescence and adulthood with a deep sense of self loathing. Anger, frustration and failure are the traits these beaten and defeated young men exhibit. Popular film and music detail their journey from boyhood to manhood in a world dominated by an ideology that defines their gender as little more than sperm donors, conscripts and deadbeat dads. It is a brutal and terrifying disparity when compared to the last two generations of men. Our grandfathers defeated fascism and their sons won the Cold War, but somehow we lost the battle for the West.
The result is that many men are realizing they were raised on a politically correct pack of lies designed and shaped to rob them of their manhood. Some are confused, others are looking for answers and more than a few of us are very, very pissed off…
Max Ross
Max Ross is a businessman, father and self described ‘Libertarian bomb thrower.

Another excellent and scathing article by Max Ross.
The misandric fembots that infect the educational system is a crime and a travesty.

Bumped and let see if NYMOM bites. Pic removed and linked not because of her empty threats but to see if she comes back to check and also this is such great theatre. Let see if we can get her to Bellvue. She just can't help herself.
Read all about the nonsensical ramblings
of an asshat fembot called
NYMOM in the comments section. No wonder they are a laughable group.