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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dead Roses: Revenge page in which you get to actually buy and send real BLACK ROSES to your rotten ex on their birthday. Sweet of them to remember, eh?
Girls Against Boys: "Club GAB's main purpose is to bring together girls from all over who have been victims of brainwashing, backstabbing, two-timing, heartbreaking boys."
We Hate Men: "MEN ARE SCUM!" Is the motto of 3 bitches from Connecticut, Jill, Mary, and Julie who have created this man hate site to share their stories of angst.
Men Suck: "Men, in general, are miserable creatures. We hate men."
Metro Spy: If you live in the New York/Metropolitan area, they will spy on your guy and tell you the junk about the hunk "you think you know so much about."
Grim Bundies is a greeting card site for dumped generation X ex's. Amusing "post cards."
I Hate Men.com: a place to vent your venom about your jerk boyfriend.
Man Haters.com is a database that searches and ranks men's past relationship history. Rank those cheating, lying, bastard assholes!
Heartless Bitches International The granddaddy of them all

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Advice from Thomas Ellis
author of
Rantings Of A Single Male
I’ve been asked for advice a lot since the book came out, and it seems really strange to me. It’s like asking someone for advice on flying because they’ve crashed the most planes. So, I guess I can advise on what not to do. Don’t focus so much on meeting a woman’s needs that you neglect your own. Don’t sacrifice your own viewpoints just because it makes her so happy when you concede to her. Don’t tolerate psychotic behavior no matter how good she is in bed. If she even mentions feminism, women’s studies or male oppression, run like hell. Don’t believe her when she says she can’t get pregnant – always use a condom. She can get out of it, you can’t. Don’t let a woman, her family, or society pressure you into marriage if that’s not what you want. Also, don’t get married unless you’re willing to accept that you will have less sex, that you will be expected to apologize for everything no matter who is at fault, and that most likely, your wife will feel unfulfilled no matter what path she chooses. That said, give them a shot. Just understand the risks you are taking.

Misandries' implementors are 90% males who try to ingratiate themeselves with the vile sorority by doing their evil work. They garner for themselves respectability, social standing, and worthiness in their day to day violation of their fellow man. This behaviour stems from their internalised negative self image which motivates a predisposition to harm their own kind given the prevailing hate of mankind.
Ordinarily you would expect your fellow man with position to smash down the gas, lethal-injection and electrocution chambers in our jails. Indeed you would expect your fellow man with position to stand as a beacon of hope to our basterdised and orphanised sons experiencing jailment, hardship or even torture. What do these men of standing in fact do? They conspire to increase the pain, suffering and degradation of mankind in service of an idea. The sheer extent of this phenomena is mind boggling and a fact that the mens movement have to face squarely up to.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Fry her by her veal flaps

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"I have no doubt that, someday,
the distortion of truth by the
radical feminists of our time
will be seen to have been the
greatest intellectual crime of the
second half of the twentieth century.
At the present time, however, we still
live under the aegis of that crime,
and calling attention to it is
an act of great moral courage".
Professor Howard S. Schwartz
in: "The Revolt of the Primitive"

"No, I was not paying attention to you" said I, to this woman last night at the cigar bar. She was rambling on about something or other, but I make it a point to comtemplate my thoughts while smoking an excellent cigar with my glass of cognac, instead of listening and focusing on the women desperately seeking male attention at the place. Sure, you always have those loser chivalrous males oogling women like the pussy-whipped saps they are, but women don't like that. They like or should I say, seek the attention from men like me, that don't give a shit. There is a natural law to observe with women: They want what they cannot have, the more you withhold anything from them, the more they desperately want it. Also, I have noticed a substantial increase of women at this little cigar bar I go to over the past couple years. Single, desperate, in their 30s, you know, the "career chick" type women that are totally screwed up now since nobody wants a 35 year old for a long term relationship, but just a quick screw. Now, granted some of you might disagree with me, but I don't mind the occasional screw now and then...after all, women have reduced themselves to a commodity.
mirror of the soul
Nailed their cottage cheesed asses to the wall.
hee hee

If a womyn says to call her Ms.
Ask her if it stands for miserable.

They are the generation of women who grew up
expecting to have it all. No longer forced to
choose between children and a career, they were
set to embrace superwomanhood by doing both
- while holding down a perfect relationship
and keeping a spotless home in their spare time.
But modern woman has taken a reality check.
The average 29-year-old now hankers for a return
to the lifestyle of a 1950s housewife.
The daughters of the "Cosmo" generation of feminists want nothing more than a happy marriage and domestic bliss in the countryside, according to a survey.
Research into the attitudes of 1,500 women with an
average age of 29 found that 61 per cent believe
"domestic goddess" role models who juggle top jobs
with motherhood and jet-set social lives are
"unhelpful" and "irritating". More than two-thirds
agree that the man should be the main provider
in a family, while 70 per cent do not want to work
as hard as their mother's generation. On average,
the women questioned want to "settle down" with their partner by 30 and have their first child a year later.
And of course, guys, we all know what this means
they want to be housewives without any of the housework."

in the following article we see, yet again,
the permanent economic turmoil and hopelessness
brought about by feminism.
Ninety percent of Swedish women
would be better off if they were on sick benefits,
a new report has shown. The study, by academics at
Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute, showed that
non-professional women are effectively being deprived
of incentives to return to work
Basically, women get paid handsomely for staying at home, so they do not go out to work. And because they do not go out to work, the feminists blame their allegedly
lower pay packets, so-called employment discrimination,
and, of course, men. But, the larger is the incentive for women to stay at home,
the more that must be done for them to get them out to work!
In other words, a never-ending cycle of goodies must be
handed out to women no matter what they choose to do
- all paid for by men, of course.
Indeed, if women who stayed at home were paid via
government handouts exactly the same amount of money as men who went out to work, then women would not go out to work.
And the feminists would then argue that the men
were holding them back!And this, of course,
was pretty much the situation that prevailed
some 60 years ago. The men went out to work
and the women stayed at home. The women did not
receive government handouts because the men were
financially responsible for their families -
and take it from AH, they were forced to be
financially responsible for their families.
There were no-opt out clauses!
And what did the feminists do?
They moaned about it.
And they claimed that the women who stayed
at home were the victims of male oppression
and that the men were holding them back.
But now the feminists keep demanding that their
governments give money to women so that they
can stay at home!It does not matter what men do,
western governments and feminists will continue
to heap hatred upon them and to blame them for
what women themselves decide to do.
Goodness me. Even when women actually kill
their partners they are deemed mostly to have
been their victims - in one way or another!
For example, ...
Domestically Violent Women

They [women] struck out in reaction unlike men, who typically strike out to show power and control. Women interpreted their violence as self-defense or a way to show a man his aggressive behavior has to stop. Most learned the power of violence from their parents, boyfriends and spouses
Cynthia Taggart - suggesting that domestically-violent
women are 'victims' where as domestically-violent men are not.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Thursday, March 03, 2005

from Thomas Ellis - the author! ...

I’ve got years of feminism, political correctness, and male-bashing clogging my arteries. So do most men, though they pretend not to notice. I wasn’t aware of the extent of the damage until I began some serious self-examination. From the beginning I thought feminism was a toxin that only afflicted women. Now I understand that it’s our problem too. Most men I’ve talked to have only a vague awareness of the impact three decades of unrestrained feminism has had on public policy and relationships. The anti-male onslaught has succeeded in part because men have neglected to actively oppose it.
It’s time to end our polite tolerance of injustices committed against us. As men we must make a serious effort to educate ourselves about the ideas feminist literature is cultivating in the minds of women. We must become aware of the extremely negative portrayal of men and “masculinities” in women’s studies courses, which are attended by tens of thousands of women each year. We must learn about the huge feminist organizations that are systematically dismantling the rights of men. We must acknowledge the scope of the problem and that we have failed to act. We must also expel the residue of feminist misinformation from our own systems. As it turns out, this book is my own process of detox as I come up to speed on the thirty-year ideological assault on my gender.
Although women are always welcome in my world, I expect these writings will be a challenge even for those of you who consider yourselves “open-minded.” If you are capable of reading something that does not simply force-feed you the standard validation and inspiration, read on. For the rest of you, bail now before your heads explode. There are a thousand other books written just for you.
I am not restricted from saying anything by the culture of political correctness that is so rampant in universities and the media. There are professionals who spend their whole lives doing scientific studies of gender characteristics, but are constrained by the herd mentality when it comes to presenting their findings. The few who stray from the pack remain cautious and civilized, even apologetic. They have their careers and their respectability to worry about. Not me. I’ll say what I please, thank you.
This is opinion, not science. At least I’m not pretending it is, like all the pop psychologists out there. There are hordes of books by “experts” on the subject of men and women. I see most of them as either manipulation strategy books for women, angry woman books, or books about ways men can change to make women like them. I can’t figure out why being who I am is not good enough, at least not in my own culture. A lot of syrupy self-help books are marketed to women asserting that men are dumb and women are right – yeah, we’re the primitive men who need to go brood and sulk in our caves – and since they all have “Ph.D.” on the cover they must be true. I’d say my views have at least as much validity as a follower of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with a phony Ph.D. who exploits our neighboring planets metaphorically.
Who am I to write anything? I’m just another laid-off software engineer – a novice writer with a word processor. I have no training, qualifications, grant money, nor data of my own. Not even a TV show. But I have something just as valid. I’ve got years of my own personal wreckage to draw upon. What the hell happened? I have some thoughts on that topic.
As it turns out, feminism inspired this book. My thirty-year sporadic involvement with a German feminist raised my awareness about what the “women’s movement” has been up to all this time. I watched as feminism dictated her life decisions and destroyed her relationships. My wake-up call came early. Even for me, it still took several wake-up calls before I realized the magnitude of the feminist disaster. I barely noticed the erosion of respect for men, the ridicule of our sexuality, and the assault on our rights. Most of my male friends don’t understand how widespread the anti-male culture has become. They laugh at the stupid guys on TV shows and commercials. So what if most movies now glorify men getting kicked in the groin? That’s just good fun. They think affirmative action is a benign program that corrects inequities, and that there is still a “wage gap.” And even though every woman they meet considers herself smarter and morally superior to men, they think the next one will be different. How many wake-up calls will it take?
In the last four decades, men in Western society have actually changed as a result of women’s nagging, persistence, emotional outbursts, and most of all, because women have had some genuinely valid points. I must also say that men have had to sort through all the completely bogus studies and angry demands that women have thrown at us in order to find those points with merit. Feminism’s valid points were exhausted long ago. All that’s left is narcissism and anger masquerading as empowerment. I’m tired of nonsense. That must be why I am so profoundly tired.
But if women thought it was a long rough ride getting men to change their attitudes, it will be far more difficult to get them to admit the attitudes in need of change are now their own. Women have always seen themselves as the molders of men, and are not used to being challenged on issues concerning gender. I’m not sure how to convince women of anything, since they are more responsive to emotional outbursts than to reason. And what can men do to apply pressure, withhold sex? At the end of the day men just give in to anything if getting laid is on the line. Women react angrily to any criticism, and they can stay angry a long, long time, holding out for that male apology. Lots of women now automatically disregard any male viewpoints, since they believe criticism of women is a form of verbal abuse. They will rip apart a relationship if they are offended, even if they are wrong. Women are in really deep.
I also doubt whether women are willing to consider change even if it’s laid out in terms of why and how, and even if they decide to try. They enthusiastically avoid responsibility for their actions with trendy denial therapies and philosophies. The only things women are willing to change are their hair, their clothes, and their breast size. And a lot of times not even their hair.
Though I believe women have as much innate intelligence as men, I’m tired of the fiction that women have no limitations other than those imposed upon them by male society. If women don’t excel at something, it must be because of male oppression, and damn it, they deserve some compensation. At least dinner and some new shoes. And even if their specific misery can’t be traced back to the patriarchy, men should feel at least as bad as they do.
This book is not an attempt to deny women any rights they should have as people, nor is it an attempt to deny that women are treated in substandard ways in many parts of the world. But why are men always excluded from such statements? Why is it acceptable to ignore the suffering of men? I support many women’s rights. I do not support more and more women’s privileges. I know men have some female allies out there who accept us as we are and believe in us. There are a few women who understand that equality does not simply mean getting their way all the time. Very few. Neither do I blame women for all our problems. Men and women both possess amazing talent when it comes to screwing up a good thing. In that sense I truly believe in equality.
When I began writing, I was concerned that I would upset female readers. I got over it. What is so abhorrent about offending women? They take full liberty in offending us. In fact, I would like to dedicate this book to all the men who have ever been told to “shut up,” “get out of the way,” or “take it like a man” when challenging the validity of feminism and standing up for their rights. Why do men put up with that? As a man who brushed it aside for many years, I’d say it’s because we have been taught it is our responsibility to please women. But there’s a difference between pleasing women and appeasing them.
I should not have to compromise my rights as a man to make anyone feel equal. I can make compromises, but not on things like maintaining my own identity, being able to express my own ideas without female approval, or refusing to tell rhetorical lies to maintain a relationship. After many years of being unable to conform to the female vision of men as docile servants, I just want to be myself and speak my mind.
Consider these writings a male catharsis. I’d say the main reason I felt compelled to write an entire book is that I’ve rarely been listened to by women. At least not for more than about 15 seconds at a time. I have no problem with women expressing anger or whatever they want, but I’m really tired of it now. I’m tired of hearing only the feminist viewpoint of every issue concerning gender. I’m tired of tolerance for female sexism and double standards. I’m tired of the exaggerated consideration given to all females at the expense of males. I’ve heard it day after day and year after year without any real chance to respond. So finally and without interruption, here is an unobscured look at the world from the male point of view. I’m sure most women will summarily dismiss it as the rantings of a single male. The male voice must be disregarded, ridiculed and silenced. Let’s burn that lace curtain. I hope others will help light the fire. Let there be rant.

schizophrenic feminism
One of the reasons I have no
respect for the feminist movement.
They use it when it suits.
When it doesn't they become helpless.

har har har

A brilliant piece
by David R. Usher.
Do not support Knox College.

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Another pedofilly
This time with 5 different students.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Thanks to all those Women’s Studies programs,
the reason, fairness, and compassion of far too
many women have been sucked out, and replaced
by an ideological, narcissistic, and vindictive mush.
-Carey Roberts

French police have arrested the wife of a missing
British aristocrat on suspicion of murder over his
inexplicable disappearance. They arrested her brother too,
apparently. Story
here. The article's intimation is of course, predictably, that he "deserved it" because he was
having an affair, or was suspected of doing so anyway.
Gee, guess that makes murder OK? Well, if you're female, anyway...